“Bowring Pedal”

The “Bowring Pedal” is a simple retrofit pedal for use with a shruti box, an ideal accompaniment to many instruments such as the guitar, the thumb piano and the handpan to name but a few.

The main disadvantage with the shruti box is that it engages the musician’s one or both hands making the use of any other hand-played instrument difficult if not impossible.

The “Bowring Pedal” is the obvious solution bypassing this problem with its unique simple concept. It is weighted with a stainless steel plate in the base to ensure optimal stability and fitted with an anti-slip mat on the underside. Moreover it folds down to a flat package less than 3cm thick, which makes it easy to pack and have with you when needed. It will not rust; an excellent feature for buskers!

 185 Euros, – ex shipping

There are three lengths of cable for the “Bowring Pedal”:

1. Floor length cable

2. Sitting length (when used on a low table)

3. Standing height

I am happy to answer your enquiries regarding my creation. To submit your question or place an order, click here.

Note: When ordering please specify the make of your shruti box and/or provide photos.

As you can see from the video on the left, fitting the pedal to your existing shruti box is simple and quick! Full instructions are included in the box. The only tool required is a small cross-head screwdriver.

If you are interested purchasing a shruti  box then I strongly advise you to buy one from www.shrutibox.co.uk. They are the best on the market. Also, don’t forget to check the combined deal including the “Bowring Pedal”.