The MoistureEater will absorb the atmospheric moisture in your handpan bag keeping it as dry as possible and so help prevent the development of rust.

Just place the MoistureEater in the bag or case with your handpan.

Make sure it is not exerting pressure on any note on your handpan, if necessary place it inside your handpan but don’t forget to remove it before you start to play 😉

When saturated, the special indicator (blue tag) will change from blue to pink.
When pink – REACHARGE!

Recharging instructions:

Two minutes of heating in a microwave at ±600Watts will evaporate the retained moisture, leave it to cool before you place it in your Handpan bag.

If you don’t have a microwave oven, then a heating radiator will do, the heating time will be longer but just keep checking the tag till it turns blue.

Alternatively, it can be left in the direct sunlight until dry.

It can be almost indefinitely recharded!.


MoistureEater (Regular): 15 Euros.

MoistureEater (XL): 25 Euros.
Twice the absorption capacity. Recommended for humid countries

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