The monochord is a versatile musical instrument. It can be used as an ambient stand-alone instrument or as an accompaniment to a wide range of instruments.

My version of the monochord has three unique features that distinguish it from those of other makers.

First and foremost, my version is built with a concave on the underside. This design enables the player to place it on a lying person as shown on the picture on the left. The wood helps to transmit the vibrations of the sound to the body. The qualities of wood combined with the “sound-massage” have an amazing therapeutic effect!

The second unique feature is the utilisation of bronze strings. The rest of the makers commonly use strings made of steel. The bronze element not only provides a sound rich in textures, it also offers a more pleasant look to the instrument.

The third unique detail is the pick-up which is placed close to the instrument tuning keys. This pick up allows the player to apply one or a chain of sound-effects on the monochord which can result in endless sounding possibilities. Also, the pick-up can amplify subtle frequencies that are not perceived by the human ear if not amplified.

As with all my creations, the monochord is hand-built with a lot of care and attention. The standard size has 24 strings and comes with a tuning key. If you would like to travel with your monochord there are two type of boxes on offer; a wooden box recommended for short journeys where storing is not an issue and a flight case when checking in during flights is required.


Monochord: 750 Euros. (ex shipping)

Carry box: 150 Euros. (ex shipping)

Flight Case: 250 Euros. (ex shipping)

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